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Anur, your partner in retail

Our society is becoming increasingly multicultural, and therefore, halal food presents a tremendous revenue potential for every retailer. From breakfast to snacks, and from on-the-go to at the table, the possibilities are simply unprecedented.

That’s why we set the bar high for ourselves: our goal is nothing less than to become the category captain of the halal category in retail. We will achieve this by creating added value for all parties in our value chain. From farm to fork.

Because this category is still young, new, and sometimes unfamiliar territory for many parties, we can be your guide with our years of experience, knowledge, and expertise. We do this by:

  • Customer journey thinking and storytelling
  • Knowledge about the various generations of Muslim consumers
  • Advice on assortment and shelf layout
  • Pricing and promotion

In all these aspects, we stand by your side.

Are you interested in halal products and a collaboration with AHFG? Please contact us. 

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